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Study Cubed LogoIntroducing Chyten’s Study3 ( 2 students , 1 tutor)

Chyten’s Study3 (2:1) is specially designed instructional format that optimizes teaching while tapping into peer learning opportunities. It is a great way for students to not only learn, practice and master their course(s) but also develop good study habits.

Each Study 3 meets once a week with students who are paired  up based on similar subjects/ learning goals and taught by our highly qualified (master’s or PhD degree) tutors.

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The New SAT…..The October’14 PSAT (and the CLASS OF 2017)

Collegeboard is embarking upon a complete overhaul of the SAT and the intended changes will be introduced in the Spring 2016. Information provided by Collegeboard indicates that this ‘New SAT’ will not look anything like the ‘Old SAT’.

(Comparison Between New Vs. Current SAT)

Based on the timelines published by the Collegeboard, Class of 2017(10th graders) will have the biggest impact from this change in SAT.

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What Differentiates Chyten’s Small Group SAT/ACT Classes?

SAT Adv Small GpAs with anything else, you have many options available for test preparation. Making the right choice is a critical time and money decision. Your student deserves a serious fact-based consideration in picking the right training course.

 At Chyten, we are all about big numbers, particularly those on your SAT / ACT test scores. We deliver these by having the lowest number of students per class compared to any other test preparatory class in our region.

Our small group classes are limited to 9 students (and advanced classes to 6 students) thus ensuring the best tutor student ratio to deliver the best curriculum by experienced tutors. We are focused on understanding the needs of the students and developing class schedules that match the learning abilities of our students.

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Does ACT Essay and SAT writing section matters?

Every college has a different policy on whether it considers the ACT Essay score and SAT Writing section as a component of its selection process.

When deciding whether you need to worry about the SAT /ACT Writing scores, you will need to verify the individual school’s score choice policy.  This information is typically available on the school’s website.  If not, call the admissions office.

The following is how scoring is done on the two tests: Read more…

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Actual Conditions Practice Tests – Do’s and Don’ts

ExamWhen working towards SAT or ACT test, taking full length actual conditions test is one of the most important part of preparation. These practice tests not only provide you with a score but they also highlight your test taking tendencies. How do you manage your time, do you get distracted easily, what kind of test anxiety you have?

Only when you know your weak areas, will you give yourself the real opportunity to ‘fix’ it. Here are some useful tips for making the most out of your next practice test. Read more…

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