What Differentiates Chyten’s Small Group SAT/ACT Classes?

SAT Adv Small GpAs with anything else, you have many options available for test preparation. Making the right choice is a critical time and money decision. Your student deserves a serious, fact-based consideration in picking the right training course.

 At Chyten, we are all about big numbers, particularly those on your SAT / ACT test scores. We deliver these numbers by having the lowest number of students per class compared to any other test preparatory class in our region.

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Introducing SAT Physics Subject Test Class

This class is geared towards students who are planning to take SAT Physics Subject test on October 3rd.

This one hour long subject specific SAT test is a required standardized test by competitive (Tier 1) schools for college admissions purposes. Topics include mechanics, heat, kinetic theory, motion, thermodynamics, waves, electricity, magnetism, modern Physics and misc topics.

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Effective College Essays

Answering essay prompts are an important part of the college application process.  Their purpose is to provide the admissions committee perspective about the applicant that may not be revealed through transcripts and test scores alone.   This is not an easy assignment.   It requires time, thinking and a great deal of soul-searching.  However, when done successfully, the school will have a clear outlook of who the applicant is, how that person thinks and how the candidate perceives the world in which he or she lives.
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Changes to SAT, ACT & What You Need to Know

Academic Year 2015-16 is going to bring with it many changes to the world of SAT and ACT. Below is the timeline of impending changes and our recommendation for how students can position themselves to minimize the impact of all the changes and stay on track with your college goals.

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Getting Ready for AP Exams and SAT Subject Test

AP picOffered by the same organization that administers SAT, AP courses are a good way to develop college-level academic skills, impress College Admissions Counselors, and earn college credits. SAT Subject Tests are 1-hour long multiple choice tests in a particular subject.


SAT Subject Tests – Depending upon the subject, there may not be a lot of difference between readiness for the AP Test and the SAT Subject Test. However, taking an AP course is not a pre-requisite for taking an SAT Subject Test. Students who are taking honors-level courses can also take SAT Subject Tests and do well. SAT Subject Tests are offered on the dates regular SAT is offered, except for the March SAT.

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