Getting Ready for AP Exams and SAT Subject Test

AP picOffered by the same organization that administers SAT, AP courses are a good way to develop college-level academic skills, impress College Admissions Counselors, and earn college credits. SAT Subject Tests are 1-hour long multiple choice tests in a particular subject.


SAT Subject Tests – Depending upon the subject, there may not be a lot of difference between readiness for the AP Test and the SAT Subject Test. However, taking an AP course is not a pre-requisite for taking an SAT Subject Test. Students who are taking honors-level courses can also take SAT Subject Tests and do well. SAT Subject Tests are offered on the dates regular SAT is offered, except for the March SAT.

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Learning Disabilities and Transition to College

The transition to college is an overwhelming process for the student and the family alike. It gets compounded when there is a student who has differentiated learning needs. As you begin your college admissions process, bear these things in mind Read more…

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Which Test – ACT or SAT is Best?

As you and your child begin to consider your test preparation options, the question of which test is best must be first and foremost.  It is true that the SAT is more popular on the coasts and that the ACT is predominant in the mid-section of the country.  But the rules have recently changed.  Now, all colleges accept ACT or SAT with equal consideration. One could take both tests, but that would be both time and money consuming. There is a much more efficient way to utilize your time and test prep dollars:  take Chyten’s ACT vs.SAT Comparison Test. Read more…

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RANDD – Reading and Study Skills (Grades 6 – 12)

RANDD Manual  Chyten’s RANDD Reading and Study Skills Program provides students with a lifetime’s worth of reading, writing, test taking and learning skills in just 14 one-hour sessions.

RANDD teaches students to read faster, study smarter, test better, write better, remember more and manage their time more efficiently.  With its comprehensive approach to reading, studying and learning, RANDD can help students set new goals, reach new heights and realize their true potential.  

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Report Cards Are Here

Back to School 2013The end of first nine weeks is here and report cards will soon be available for this grading period.

Subject grades and overall GPA are still some of the most important criteria colleges look at for admissions and course placements.

Grades are important!

Tutoring at the high school level requires real expertise. Chyten tutors possess not only a thorough understanding of their subjects, but test-taking skills, reading skills, study skills and the wisdom that only comes through having earned advanced academic degrees.

All our tutors have Master’s degrees, subject expertise and teaching experience. The result – your child gets the tutor he needs and you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have given your child a chance to meet and exceed his potential.

Give us a call and let us know how we can help your child.

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