Does ACT Essay and SAT writing section matter?

Every college has a different policy on whether it considers the ACT Essay score and SAT Writing section as a component of its selection process.

When deciding whether you need to worry about the SAT /ACT Writing scores, you will need to verify the individual school’s score choice policy.  This information is typically available on the school’s website.  If not, call the admissions office.

The following is how scoring is done on the two tests: Read more…

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Actual Conditions Practice Tests – Do’s and Don’ts

ExamWhen working towards SAT or ACT test, taking full length actual conditions test is one of the most important part of preparation. These practice tests not only provide you with a score but they also highlight your test taking tendencies. How do you manage your time, do you get distracted easily, what kind of test anxiety you have?

Only when you know your weak areas, will you give yourself the real opportunity to ‘fix’ it. Here are some useful tips for making the most out of your next practice test. Read more…

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Learning Disabilities and Transition to College

The transition to college is an overwhelming process for the student and the family alike. It gets compounded when there is a student who has differentiated learning needs. As you begin your college admissions process, bear these things in mind Read more…

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Which Test – ACT or SAT is Best?

As you and your child begin to consider your test preparation options, the question of which test is best must be first and foremost.  It is true that the SAT is more popular on the coasts and that the ACT is predominant in the mid-section of the country.  But the rules have recently changed.  Now, all colleges accept ACT or SAT with equal consideration. One could take both tests, but that would be both time and money consuming. There is a much more efficient way to utilize your time and test prep dollars:  take Chyten’s ACT vs.SAT Comparison Test. Read more…

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What is Score Choice?

Score ChoiceGiven that most of the students take SAT and/or ACT more than once in order to get their optimal score, one of the most common  questions that many students and parents have is which scores to share with colleges and how to do so. Collegeboard and ACT give students the flexibility to choose which scores (by test date for the SAT and ACT and by individual tests for the SAT Subject Tests™) to send to colleges. However, the main caveat is that this must be done in accordance with an institution’s stated score-use practice. This practice is known as Score Choice.

Read more…

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