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Summer Classes Pittsburgh PA

Summer is for building foundational skill sets. Our premier one-on-one private tutoring is the most effective, flexible and customizable option available. Detailed program offering will be available in the upcoming weeks. If you don’t find what you are looking for or need more information, please contact us. Chyten offers a wide range of summer classes and summer courses to students living in Pittsburgh, PA area.

With every Summer Classes & Courses Pittsburgh, PA you get:

  • Best Tutors w/Master’s or PhD degree
  • Curriculum and strategies
  • Small group setting


$150 off on regular class tuition price when you sign up for any of our Full ACT/SAT Test Preparation Classes at least 4 weeks before the start date. Look for the birdie to see programs eligible for early bird discount.


10% discount on our premier 1:1 academic tutoring prices when you sign up for 8hrs of sessions or more (valid during summer session only)

Chyten Summer Test Preparation Classes and Courses

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Small Group SAT Class - Our small group class receive great reviews and feedback. Out summer prep classes and courses are ideal for Rising Seniors and Juniors who are targeting October test:

  • Two actual condition practice test
  • Extensive practice and timed tests on all sections of SAT
  • Question banks and reference material
  • Proprietary Strategies and Techniques for taking the test

SAT Advanced ClassFor students targeting an SAT score of 2100+ or National Merit Scholarship, summer is the ideal time to prepare. Chyten’s SAT Advanced program will give you the right kind of preparation and rigor to score high. Enrollment is selective and is based on our intake diagnostic test. For details regarding the program check out our Summer Schedule Page

Small Group ACT Class - Get ready for September ACT with Chyten’s ACT preparation class – an intensive skill- and strategy-building program. Chyten has extensive banks of ACT questions. Mastering the ACT provides insights into the ACT you cannot get anywhere else. Our classes include all materials and two full length Actual Conditions ACT exams with Chyten’s ACT MagnosticTM Diagnostic analysis of test performance. For details regarding the program check out our Summer Schedule Page

SAT Subject Test Preparation - Prepare for Physics, Math, Chemistry, Biology, History etc subject test for October test date by attending our study groups. Take full length practice test and work with our Master’s/PhD degree tutors who bring unmatched level of expertise to prepare for this advanced level tests. Subject test covers high school Chemistry/Biology/Math II/History and should be taken soon after completing a high school class. Our course offer effective strategies, cover all relevant concepts and principles necessary for success, including a review of all formulae, principles, theories and terminology.

Get Ready for PSAT - PSAT is offered once a year by Collegeboard in the month of October. Most High School Sophomores/ Juniors take this test. Scores from the test gives a good baseline for SAT preparation and are also used to qualify for National Merit Scholarship.
For students who are taking PSATs to get a qualifying score for National Merit or taking it as a ramp up to test preparation later in fall or spring, Chyten offers following program features for students taking PSATs.

  • Premier 1:1 test preparation tutoring OR PSAT Seminar
  • Actual conditions practice PSAT test w/MagnosticTM results to determine progress
  • Extensive question banks for all sections

Chyten’s Academic Enrichment Summer Classes & Courses in Pittsburgh PA

Academic Programs

Subject Course for Physics, Chemistry and Biology – Are you taking AP or Honors level course(s) next school year? Pressure of learning new course at school is exciting and exhausting. Use the slow pace of summer to get a head start on your school course. Taught by our highly qualified tutors in study group settings, these camps are perfect for creating a strong foundation for success during the school year. For details regarding the program check out our Summer Schedule Page

Geometry, Algebra Camp - With the new emphasis on ‘real world’ or ‘integrated’ math, many educators agree that the skills that go into solving math problems, pure and simple, are being lost. Chyten’s Math Facts Camps are comprehensive and intensive courses in which the ability to solve problems is brought back to its rightful position, front and center in a student’s math mind. Also ideal for students looking to review the concepts before starting SAT or ACT preparation. For details regarding the program check out our Summer Schedule Page

Reading and Study Skills Classes - The RANDD Reading & Study Skills Program is a comprehensive skill-building program that teaches students state of the art reading and study skills and strategies to make them better, more efficient, more effective students. Featured in Chyten’s Mid-Range reading strategy that may help students double or triple their reading speed with greater comprehension than before. This is NOT speed reading! In addition, RANDD students learn Review-Integrated Note-Taking, Information Organizational Utilization (IOU), Classroom Management, Time Management, Test Taking Strategies and more. Course taught by our Master’s Degree study skills teachers. For details regarding the program check out our Summer Schedule Page

ESTEEM -  series of Academic Enrichment Program Especially Designed for Elementary & Middle

WRITING MASTERS: Imagination Authors (Gr 3 – 5)

WRITING MASTERS: Muckrakers (Gr 6 – 8)

MATH SKILLS PROGRAM: Team Titans (Gr 3 – 5)



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